designed by architect and interior designer Barbara Sansonetti

Wallpaper Collection: Be Grateful to Mother Earth

Novacolor launches its first collection of wallpapers, designed by architect and interior designer Barbara Sansonetti, and inspired by the topography of the Earth seen from above.
This is how the Be Grateful to Mother Earth Wall Paper 2021 collection came about, as a journey to discover different landscapes and cultures.

The project stems from the new Novacolor 2021- Be Grateful concept, and the company’s eco-friendly approach. Gratitude reconnected us to Mother Earth and made us aware of and responsible for our choices and how they can substantially affect the future of the world. From the relationship of men with the planet comes the idea of studying how, to evolve and survive, they changed it.

Looking at the Earth from above, you can see how many amazing natural landscapes there are and how many man-made landscapes have been created; in some cases altering, in others decorating the territory. It is on this premise that the architect Barbara Sansonetti, who signed the first collection of Novacolor wallpaper, develops the project. Looking at the earth from above, there are infinite possibilities of extrapolating geometries to create patterns. Cities, desert landscapes, endless stretches of water and irrigated fields around the world become geometric patterns that tell us how man has transformed nature to build a more comfortable and productive habitat. With a great outpouring of gratitude to Mother Nature, Novacolor presents its first collection of wallpapers perfectly in harmony with Novacolor decorative finishes and MATmotion range.

The Collection and the Architect

Lightwind and stone are the elements that the architect Barbara Sansonetti knows deeply due to the close and indissoluble bond to her land: Salento, in South Italy. She graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in Architecture with an address in Industrial Design and Furniture and at the same time she devoted herself to the study of photography and won a two-year scholarship at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. Design and Light become fundamental in her growth path.
For her passion for the composition and transformation of architectural spaces and for decorative surfaces, she is involved in several luxury residential projects and since 2014 she begins a series of successful collaborations: with the R100 architecture studio, founded by the architect Raffaele Centonze , with the CS33 architecture studio of the architect Luca Messeca. Since 2019 she has collaborated assiduously with Novacolor for the creation of set-ups and the styling of communication campaigns.


“The design idea came precisely from viewing satellite photos of our planet and the beauty of certain places which, from above, naturally form geometric patterns. Inspired by these geometries, I developed seven original patterns that are easy to repeat, even on large surfaces.”

– Arch. Barbara Sansonetti

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