Archi+ Argilla

Archi+ Argilla is a powdered mineral wall coating for interior use, based on clay, aerial lime, carefully selected aggregates and rheological modifiers to ensure excellent workability. A new product formulated with natural clay, which confirms Novacolor’s green approach and sustainable innovation.  An historical raw material such as clay, combined with modern technologies, finds the maximum expression within Archi+ range, the collection of powder-form mineral plasters for prestigious interiors.  Thanks to its composition, Archi+ Argilla can be applied in one layer on new and old plasters made of hydraulic binders, plaster and plasterboard surfaces, organic or mineral paints and coatings, and absorbent mineral conglomerates.

Dilution: Use 4.5 – 5.5 Lt of clean water for each sack of 15 kg

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