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Why Choose Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster or stucco Veneziano, is a decorative wall and ceiling finish that dates back to ancient Rome. However, it gained prominence during the Renaissance in Venice, Italy, where skilled artisans used slaked lime, marble dust, and pigments to create a stunning polished surface. Today, modern versions of Venetian plaster incorporate additives like acrylics, resins, and natural minerals, making it more durable and versatile than its historical counterpart.

Our finishes can be customised to suit any space with a large range of colours & textures. Polished plasters and microcement systems for venetian plaster bathrooms are available.


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Our premium interior plasters are of the highest quality. The collection includes a stunning variety of exterior and interior Venetian plasters and render products carefully curated to elevate your living spaces with unparalleled beauty. 

Discover our diverse range of decorative wall mediums, from concrete and metallic wall finishes to concrete finishes solutions with Novacolor and transform your walls into works of art.

Contact us today for the perfect Venetian Plaster, or cement plaster solutions for your project, tailored to your vision and needs.

Now is your chance to break into a fast growing industry of artisan applicators and experience the benefits of using the Novacolor brand. No prior experience needed.

What's included?

Two days of training.
All plaster products and tools needed.
Free xTrowel to take home.
No prior experience required.

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Novacolor is selective with the organisations that they choose to represent their industry throughout the world. With a belief that reputation and creativity is a reflection on business growth. When considering opportunities in Australia & New Zealand Novacolor came across Alan Jamieson – Alan had already established industry knowledge and high-end repeat business reputation based on his professionalism and attitude.

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