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Novacolor Training

Products Covered

Africa, Swahili, Dune, Animamundi, R-Stone, Visionnaire, Eclat, MiKu, Hypnose

Techniques Covered

Application with trowel, Application with brush, Dragging, Decorative Roller Usage

Novacolor New Zealand training courses. Hands-on training of Novacolor Decorative Finishes.
For more updates regarding dates, times, locations & more see all of our courses on our Training Page.

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Our Work

“Every year in partnership with international designers Novacolor recognises trends and selects a ‘pallet’ and ‘theme’ for the year ahead. This theme is embraced throughout the Novacolor Group. 2019 brings “Broken Nature”. Novacolor being mindful of the impact we all have on nature and the collective efforts to protect our damaged eco—systems where we live and that we change every day. This year’s imagery is reflective of the theme and colour pallet of 2019 “natural tones and green environment”.

Client Testimonials

Novacolor is selective with the organisations that they choose to represent their industry throughout the world. With a belief that reputation and creativity is a reflection on business growth. When considering opportunities in Australia Novacolor came across Alan Jamieson – Alan had already established industry knowledge and high-end repeat business reputation based on his professionalism and attitude.

Robert V


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